Located at ‘t Zandbakkie, Rotterdam, September 2020

'Here I challenge my audience to step into my graphic, playful world to break free from their daily rhythms and find intimacy with new materials, objects and shapes. The playground I created is a world that's inspired by elements of daily life, where a game arises between recognition and the unknown' - Sophie Wantia

This project is an ongoing, investigative process in which Sophie starts with a combination of old and new work, adding and removing materials and shapes while challenging others to do the same.


This is where we MEET TO PLAY, RESETting your boundaries!


Studio Wantia wants to cheer you up and bring back some playful experiences into your life! For this experience the studio produced a do-it-yourself kit to build your own 3D collage. The use of different materials allows you to play with the colorful shapes and structures to create a never ending ability to suprise. Isn’t this the perfect gift to make yourself laugh again? Interesting fact for the environmentally conscious: the MEET TO PLAY Experience is made of leftover material collected at Scraps Rotterdam. The goal of this edition is to get artists engage in creating art themselves in a whole different and new way. Initiator Sophie Wantia invites multiple artists to contribute to MEET TO PLAY, an interactive playground, varying from graphic design to visual artists or students.

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