My name is Sophie Wantia and I founded Studio Wantia in the search of optimism and play within our daily lifes. By collaging a graphic and playful dialogue between the body, objects, and space, I create my own graphic world. In this graphic world I play with recognition and the unknown.

“The start of something new is not accomplished by the mind, but by acts of playful intuition.”

In 2019 I graduated in Fashion Design, at the School of Arts in Utrecht. During my education my enthusiasm for collage and endless experimenting with color, shape and materials grew. This is when I started my research in play. I was blessed to have my graduation project ‘Need to Play’ shown on many platforms, including Amsterdam Fashion Week, Fashionclash and Dutch Design Week. 

In 2020 I was the winner of the Joke Veeze Award and after this I experimented with an interactive exhibition in Rotterdam. In 2021 I won the Epson Design Awards at the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven. With all these opportunities I got to specialize in print design with sublimation and plotting. 

I’m excited to continue to grow in the right way!

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All handmade, with love and care in Utrecht, the Netherlands.